How to care for down jackets

There are two methods of washing the down jacket: partial decontamination and whole washing. 1 Partial decontamination: Decontamination with gas oil, trichloroethylene or detergent. 2 whole washing: soak the down jacket in cold water for 10 minutes, take it out and wash it in the washing liquid several times, then rinse it with water. The concentration of the washing liquid is about 2 to 5 grams of washing powder per kilogram of water, and should not be washed with an excessively alkaline washing powder or soap to avoid defatting and agglomeration. In addition, the down jacket should not be soaked for a long time, so as not to cause the decomposition of the down protein fiber to produce odor, such as dehydration with a washing machine, the zipper needs to be pulled together. replica canada goose jackets should not be exposed to the sun and soaked in boiling water. For heat-sensitive chemical fiber fabrics, especially nylon, etc., avoid high-temperature ironing or contact with high temperature above 100 °C to prevent the fabric from shrinking, becoming brittle, or even melting. Repellents (mothballs, etc.) should be placed when collecting.
Cleaning of down jacket
Use a neutral detergent to clean the down jacket. Do not use strong detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners. Soak them for a short time before cleaning. Use a soft brush to gently clean the neckline, cuffs and other dirty parts.
The down jacket is machine washable. Pull all the zippers and fasten them before washing. The washing machine chooses warm water and mild mode. Do not use the drying function. The powerful centrifugal force will damage the down jacket fabric or the lining.
Rinse the detergent and soap foam thoroughly. Frequently washed washing can damage down the warm media down of the down jacket, so try to reduce the number of washings while keeping it clean.
Drying of down jacket
The down jacket is suitable to dry in a ventilated and dry environment to avoid strong sunlight, and the ultraviolet rays will damage the surface.
You can use a dryer with a large capacity, keep it cool at a low temperature and have enough turning space for the down jacket.
After drying, continue to shake the replica moncler jacket and gently tap the down and gather, let the down stretch completely, restore the original shape and then put it into the closet.
Use of down jacket
Longer compression storage will reduce the fluffiness of the down jacket. At this time, you can wear it on your body or hang it, gently tap it, let the down return to fluffy. Wear a down jacket. Don’t be close to the flame, especially in the wild bonfire. Please pay attention to Mars. If there is a down feather accidentally drilled at the seam, do not pull the down, because the better down jackets are made of high quality down, the velvet is large, and pulling out will damage the fabric. The correct way is to catch the down in the opposite direction across the fabric, pull the down back to the inside of the fabric. The crowd itself will be allergic to down. If allergies occur, stop wearing down jackets and seek medical advice. Some down jackets are waterproof or water repellent. Functional fabrics, but in view of the fact that replica parajumpers jackets are mainly for solid water (snow, ice), down jackets are not glued at the seams and are not completely waterproof. Therefore, if there is a small hole in the down jacket, you can find a layer of nail polish or colorless nail polish with the same color as the down jacket, and the hole will be sealed, and the down will not be drilled.
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How to quickly clean down jacket

Many of my friends have the same anxiety: how to maintain your big goose at the end of the winter, so that it will be as good as next winter?
Teach you a few tricks today, quickly clean canada goose down jacket
Do not run hair, do not deform, fluffy and soft for another 10 years, still warm! Shampoo + white vinegar
replica Canada goose down jacket dirty dirty wash, sent to the dry cleaners to wash a few times to buy a new one, it is too expensive! Shampoo clean, white vinegar fluffy, a penny does not spend,replica  canada goose parka wear for 10 years is still warm! Just squeeze a little shampoo in the container, then pour in white vinegar, then add water and mix well into the watering can, spray a spray on the canada goose down jacket, then wipe it with a hot towel, immediately clean as new! The shampoo can effectively remove the stains on the surface of the canada goose down jacket, while the white vinegar is the secret weapon that keeps the canada goose down jacket to keep it fluffy after drying! In addition, toothpaste also has a strong cleaning ability!
Toothpaste + white vinegar
The first step: prepare a basin of warm water of about 30 °, first use a toothbrush to take a proper amount of toothpaste, and repeatedly scrub the dirty parts to remove large stains. Step 2: Pour the right amount of white vinegar into the water and soak the canada goose down jacket for 10 minutes to keep the canada goose down jacket fluffy and warm after washing. The third step: after soaking, use the bath ball to pick cana goose down jacket cleaning solution, no canada goose down jacket cleaning solution in the home with shampoo and white vinegar can be replaced, carefully brush canada goose down jacket, especially cuffs, collars, plackets Wait for the part, and finally rinse with clean water.
In addition to washing canada goose down jacket, drying fake canada goose jacket is more important!
Dry canada goose down jacket
The first step: Because the down material is special, it can’t be twisted by hand to prevent the damage of down and affect its warmth. After washing the replica canada goose down jacket, you must gently press and squeeze out the water. Step 2: The water is not fully squeezed out. Just prepare a towel and wrap the canada goose down jacket to absorb the excess water. Step 3: Dry up the canada goose down jacket and gently pat it with a hanger to make the down fluffy. If you are eager to wear canada goose down jacket, you can also blow dry with a hair dryer.
Daily maintenance
1: hot towel wipes the local
Many friends have found that canada goose down jacket will become less warm when washing, so try to reduce the wash, canada goose down jacket If it is partially dirty, it is best to squeeze some neutral detergent, rub it with a hot towel after 5 minutes You can remove the stains. 2: Avoid exposure
Protein fiber is the most taboo, canada goose down jacket once the life is folded once, so in order to avoid the aging of the fabric and down, the washed canada goose down jacket can be dried in a ventilated place. 3: Not suitable for extrusion
Do not fold the canada goose down jacket, avoid the down-squeeze into a group, it is best to suspend the canada goose down jacket. 4: moisture proof mold
When you can store the canada goose down jacket during the season, it is best to use a breathable finishing bag to wrap the canada goose down jacket in a dry and ventilated place. Check it to prevent moisture when it is rainy. Especially in the humid south, if you find that the canada goose down jacket is mildewed, remember to wipe it with a cotton ball and rub it with alcohol, then wipe it with a clean wet towel and dry it. 5: No washing powder
The main component of down is protein fiber, while the soap and ordinary laundry detergent and washing powder have a pH of about 11 and have strong alkalinity. It is very easy to damage the fat protective film on the fiber surface, resulting in shortened life of canada goose down jacket. Therefore, it is best to choose a special cleaning agent or a neutral laundry detergent when washing canada goose down jacket, which will not only reduce the damage to canada goose down jacket, but also keep the fabric shiny and fluffy inside.
Canada goose down jacket
1: The fluff is too large and has a hard stem.
Canada goose down jacket running hair if it is large and has a hard stem, mainly because the fluff material is poorly punctured and the inner liner causes the cashmere. Solution: For this kind of running, don’t pull out the flakes, it is best to push them back. Remember to pat the clothes before you wear them, so that the pieces are smooth, avoiding the down erection and smashing the clothes out. 2: small and soft stalks
If the velvet fluff is soft and stalked, then the needle thread, fabric and machine are not up to standard at the needle eye, so the pores of the cloth surface should be reduced and the needle eye hole should be narrowed. Solution: Just blow the hot air of the hair dryer before wearing the canada goose down jacket. Be careful not to overheat the temperature and blow the filter for too long. 3: Fine fluff is easily extracted by static electricity
Winter is not only cold and very dry, so it is easy to generate static electricity, which can cause canada goose down jacket. Solution: When cleaning down, add some neutral soft laundry liquid, which can effectively reduce static electricity and prevent canada goose down jacket running. Canada goose down jacket will be washed like this
I am not afraid to wear it for ten years!
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